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MAP Book proposal guidelines

Potential authors should prepare the proposal following the guidelines below:

  1. Provide a few working titles of the book.
  2. Name of the authors/ editors, their contact details (including both postal and email address), and up to 200 word-long note about the authors (affiliation, title, relevant recent publications)
  3. The type of book (research monograph, collection of articles, reference work, text book, etc)
  4. Aims and focus of the book
  5. Book overview, with chapter breakdown followed by a short description of the contents of all the chapters. In case of an edited book abstracts and author details for all chapters are needed.
  6. Description of the market, other competing titles, and clear description of what makes this title unique and different from the others.
  7. Expected number of words
  8. Description of the tables/ graphs/ pictures that are to be included in the book.
  9. Expected timetable for the delivery of the final version of the book.
  10. A list of up to three possible reviewers, professionals in the field qualified to objectively evaluate the manuscript. Provide their names, addresses, emails.

The proposal is not to be longer than 5-6 pages. It should be sent to

The final manuscript submission

When preparing the final manuscript author guidelines should be followed.

Copyright issues

Before sending the final version of the book, authors must check whether they have obtained all necessary permissions for the material published earlier.

  • If any of the chapter has been published earlier in any language a permission needs to be asked from the previous publisher
  • Form the use of any material including pictures, graphs, tables, maps, lyrics, poetry, text extracts, logos, advertisements etc. authors must ask permission from the copyright holders.

The publication process

  • The first step is sending the book proposal to
  • If the editors consider the proposal worth publishing the authors/ editors will be contacted and asked to send the complete book.
  • The book is then sent to external review (which usually lasts 2-4 months)
  • Authors are informed about the review results, about any necessary modifications to the book, and are given deadline up to which the revised manuscript should be submitted.
  • The number of words in the final manuscript is checked, together with other details that need to be taken into account (the number and type of tables, figures, maps, other specific requirements) and a publishing meeting is organized when a costing is submitted, the print run and selling prices are agreed.
  • The book is prepared for publication. It is copyedited and typeset with proofs sent to authors for checking.
  • The book is published, authors are sent their author copies.
  • The marketing process is initiated once authors send their final manuscript – we contact various bibliographical databases, booksellers, organizations and individuals who might be interested in the new title.

Should you have any other queries about the book publication process contact